Shark Fishing Update/Forecast – Last Few Weeks of the Season

Well, once again the days we once looked forward to are almost over… Mid August, we meet again! Where the time goes so quickly is a mystery, but here we are.

The mid summer lull was a bit late this year and wasn’t nearly as bad as last season. The past week or so has been seeing some decent action on smaller sharks. We are dealing with the moon right now, but expect shark fishing to go out with a bang as we rebound in a big way for the rest of the season. After the moon, these fish should start moving, and they will be hungry. The past few years has seen incredible season finales with sharks of all sizes and plenty of action. Remember, our last day is Sept 12th and for now, we have plenty of available days on our schedule.

The rest of this week is blacked out, but we will be back at it next week. I am very excited to see what the downside of the moon brings. so come on down and see what bites.. You never know!

See you on the sand,

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