Biggest Sandbar of the Season, 1st Dusky, 1st Spinner, Double and Triple Headers…

What a week!!! Sandbars, the season’s first Dusky, and we even saw a Spinner! We fished six out of seven nights last week and it started off with a stormy night, where we fished in the pouring rain (and lightning). We had some good action and closed out the night with a 6’+ Sandbar. This is a classic example of our “if you wanna go, we’re gonna go” policy. Just be ready to get wet.

Dave McFadden enduring the elements to get it done. He certainly abides by his #1 rule: “There’s no crying in fishing.”

Speaking of which, allow me to briefly stray onto another topic for a moment.

Shark Photos:
As you may already know, high quality photos of you and your catch are already included in your Apex Anglers experience. Our goal has always been to keep the shark out of the water two minutes or less. Less being better. For larger sharks, please be ready to get wet, as these fish WILL be staying in the “splash zone”. Meaning, every incoming wave will submerge them. In rough surf, you will likely get fully drenched. Personally, I find it to be exhilarating! You are welcome to take your own photos, but not if it takes extra time. (for example, I cannot take photos with my camera, then run to put it down, dry off my hands, grab your phone and take another photo).  This is where having a larger group is advantageous.

A basic rundown of how each release will go:
Leader > Dehook > Photo > Release
Depending on hook placement, this can be done in under a minute.

All I ask is that we all work together to get the fish swimming home in as little time as possible. While this is a fun activity, the safety of the sharks should be our number one priority at all times.

Moving on…

The Sandbar action has remained good, but we’ve been putting a lot of time in for the bites. A few nights have given us a bit of a scare, but eventually we got them going each night. Don, of Silvernail Web Design, who is responsible for building the very website you are reading, came out and landed the years very first Dusky. And our neighboring fisherman, Doug, landed the first Spinner we’ve seen this year soon after, which made for a very interesting night!


Don Silvernail releasing the first Dusky of 2016.
New Jersey Spinner shark.

The next few days brought some great action… And some S L O W action, sometimes simultaneously, as we had baits of ALL varieties at many different depths.

When in doubt… Get creative.







In case you’re wondering, that Salmon head got hit, at least 3 times. The 3rd time was a charm, we hooked up, then both casted baits went off at the same time. Resulting in a triple hook up seemingly out of nowhere, during an otherwise quiet evening. All three fish were landed.

Catch of the Week:

Billy with the seasons biggest Sandbar, which measured over 7′ in total length!









Ending thoughts…

There are merely six weeks left of the season, and quite a bit less than that in available dates on our available dates calendar. Shark fishing will remain good, and will likely improve as they begin thinking about their upcoming migration. So come on down and get in on the action!

See you on the sand,

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