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Chef Dan

If you're searching for delicious food/catering for your party or event, Chef Dan has you covered. From graduating at the Culinary Institute on Long Island to his humble beginnings in high end restaurants, he pours his heart and soul into his business and knows exactly how to handle every situation he is presented with. You tell him your needs and expectations and he will not only meet, but exceed them with unparalleled professionalism.

A little more about the Chef: He was originally one of my clients. Even as a paying customer, he was a delight to work with. What started as "just another guide" quickly turned into a great friendship. He was hooked after just one night on the sand. Dan became so obsessed with the shark fishing lifestyle that there was no other choice but to teach him the ways. It was obvious that the sharks had all but consumed his every thought, and that is why he is a key member of the Apex Anglers team. Besides, he is the only one authorized to do the trademarked "Shark Dance".


If you're going fishing, you're going to Atlantic. The doors open earlier and close later than anywhere. Not only are the shelves stocked with more gear than you can dream of, but Pete is the character to end all characters. The inventory is sure to impress, but it's Pete's charisma and passion for this business that will keep you coming back every time. "85 and sunny" - All year long.

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