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New Jersey’s premier land based shark fishing guide service. We cater to those who don’t have their own equipment, knowledge, or time, but would still like the experience. All gear is included and all you have to do is show up. Everything will be ready upon your arrival to maximize fishing time. We are family friendly and encourage groups for discounted rates (up to 3 in a group, with the exception of some families). Also great for those who get sea-sick and/or just prefer to stay on land.

Meet your guide:


AJ Rotondella is a life long fisherman born and raised right here in New Jersey. He spent his childhood chasing all the usual inshore suspects… Fluke, Striped Bass, Bluefish.. You get the idea… But somewhere along the line, and thousands of fish later, he learned of a very different fishery. Shark fishing… But it was not the simple mention of shark fishing that had him so intrigued. It was the idea of catching them from the beach. At first, this was just another adventure worth trying…. But after his first shark, he was hooked. With his instant success, this type of fishing had all but consumed his every thought. All he wanted to do was shark fish.. And so he did. From praying for the day off from work, to leaving family functions, and vacations early in fear that he could miss the chance at that fish of a lifetime. When he was not on the beach, he was constantly checking conditions, moon phases, water temperature, beach structures, depths, wind direction/speed, cloud cover, and wave height for his next trip. Through trial and error, and countless sleepless nights on the beaches, he has landed, and has spent an unparalleled amount of time helping others catch these amazing creatures… And now his goal is to help others not only land their trophy, but to share with them the best part of all… Watching it swim away. He also intends to make every effort to take the stigma away from our society’s view on sharks being close to the beach. He hopes that seeing them up close and personal and learning just why they are so close might inspire a much needed new found respect for sharks.

About US June 3, 2015
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