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Are you ready to experience the heart-pounding excitement of shark fishing but lack the equipment, knowledge, or time?  We've got you covered! Our all-inclusive service provides everything you need to make unforgettable memories without any hassle. 

What We Do

At Apex Anglers, we specialize in land-based shark fishing, catering to enthusiasts who prefer to stay on solid ground. With us, you don't need to worry about seasickness or being out on the water. Simply show up and let the adventure begin.

Family Friendly

As a family-friendly service, we encourage group bookings and offer discounted rates (up to 3 individuals per group, with exceptions for certain families). Gather your friends or loved ones for an extraordinary experience that will create lifelong bonds and stories to cherish.

All Inclusive

When you arrive, all the necessary gear will be prepared and waiting for you, ensuring that you make the most of your fishing time. Our expert team will guide you through the process, ensuring your safety and sharing their extensive knowledge about sharks and their conservation.

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm AJ!

I'm a lifelong fisherman born and raised right here in New Jersey. My childhood was filled with chasing all the usual suspects of inshore fishing—Fluke, Striped Bass, Bluefish, and more. It was during my journey, after nearly 2 decades of "normal" fishing , that I stumbled upon a very different fishery that changed everything, forever. This was land based shark fishing.

Initially, it was just another adventure I wanted to try. However, after my first encounter with a shark, I was nothing short of obsessed. The experience consumed my every thought from that moment forward. All I wanted to do was shark fish, and so I did. I sacrificed sleep, skipped family functions, abandoned vacations, quit jobs and even moved 1000 miles away in the off-season in order to pursue sharks year-round.   The ever present fear that I might miss the chance at landing that "fish of a lifetime" loomed over me at all times. When I wasn't on the beach, I was constantly studying conditions, moon phases, water temperature, beach structures, depths, wind direction and speed, cloud cover, and wave height, all in preparation for my next trip.

Through countless sleepless nights on the beaches and learning from trial and error, I have not only caught unfathomable numbers of sharks myself, but also dedicated an unparalleled amount of time to helping others catch these incredible creatures. My goal now is to assist others in not only capturing their trophy shark but also sharing with them the most rewarding part of it all—watching it swim away.

Furthermore, I am determined to challenge the prevailing stigma surrounding sharks being close to the beach in our society. By offering people the opportunity to see them up close and personal, I hope to inspire a much-needed newfound respect for these majestic creatures. It is my belief that through understanding and appreciation, we can foster a positive perspective and promote conservation efforts.

Join me on this journey as we explore the thrill of shark fishing, witness their magnificence firsthand, and work together to cultivate a deeper respect for these remarkable animals.

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