UPDATE: 10/4/2020 – IT’S BLACKTIP SEASON! Now booking all Saturday and Sundays, starting now thru the end of April, along Florida’s “Treasure Coast.” (Sunrise-noon, 1pm-sunset or full day trips available.) BE SURE TO OBTAIN YOUR FREE LBSF PERMIT BEFORE YOUR TRIP!  https://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/sharks/

 UPDATE: 3/20/2020 As most of you know, New Jersey has made it difficult/impossible to continue on as usual. Now, this has been the most stressful and difficult year in Apex Anglers history, but I refuse to let it die.
Between the THOUSANDS of hours spent on the sand by myself or with select close friends just to learn about the madness that is land based shark fishing, to the  unforgettable memories each and every family will cherish forever,  to the new found respect each client develops towards sharks, all the way down to the significant scientific data we’ve been able to contribute alongside actual scientists, this is what I live for. That being said. Apex lives on.
APEX ANGLERS IS MIGRATING TO FLORIDA. The LLC has been filed and I am currently waiting for the official documents to start conducting business.

Under the new business, we will be offering the same quality shark fishing guides that you’re used to, as well as selling shark bait and  developing innovative fishing products.

While you wait, be aware that I am attempting to work with the state to obtain a “blanket shark permit” for my clients, but in the meantime, please remember that until that becomes a reality, everyone in your group will need both, a Florida fishing license, and a “shore-based shark permit”.
This permit can be obtained for FREE here: https://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/recreational/sharks/
Thank you all for your patience and I CANNOT WAIT to work with you all again in sunny Florida!



Have you ever wanted to catch an Apex Predator? Don’t have the experience or the gear? What if you could catch a real shark or even a huge stingray from the comfort and safety of the beach? Well, it’s summer time in New Jersey and that is just what we do, so pack your beach chair and a small cooler and come on down to the jersey shore after hours, where all the gear and bait is provided for your best chance to get up close and personal with the oceans most perfect predators!



Apex Anglers June 3, 2015
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