Very Good Shark Fishing! Bigger Sandbars, MONSTER Stingrays and More…

The moon has passed and the bite is on, this is what we’ve been waiting for! Some of the best shark fishing of the year with bigger fish being caught now. 7 sharks a night has been the norm lately with several missed runs and some truly monstrous stingrays in the mix. This is a very fun time of year, and we have dates available through Sept 12th. If you’ve been waiting, now is the time! Fishing should remain good through the end of the season.

Catch of the week is split this time around with plenty of big fish being caught:

Dan D’Alessio with a massive Roughtail Stingray.
Anthony Rotondella with a big Bullnose ray.
Frank Mannino with a Roughtail Stingray.




Dave McFadden with a very large Sandbar shark.












Honorable Mentions:

maddmantis bent1
Putting the new Madd Mantis to the test.
Subduing a feisty Sandbar on the Madd Mantis.

maddmantis1  Wally1 sandbar1shark1littlesandtiger1 MaddMantis1     dadsandbar1SandTiger1McFadden1


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