Shark Fishing Slows…

The shark fishing has fallen off big time this past week. This weekend, we fished with very little success. Friday night we saw one Sandbar and one Sand Tiger, both between 3 and 4′, and they were hours apart. Saturday, we had an absolutely beautiful morning! The weather was perfect, we had crystal clear calm seas, the dolphins even joined us by coming in very close in several different playful pods. Matteo (after a six hour nap in the car) came out and quickly landed a little Sandbar. Soon after, Tyler landed a nice Butterfly Ray. Aside from a few missed runs, also spaced hours apart, that was it. Saturday night, we had Sean and his friend John out for a very tough evening. On the change of the tide we managed one 4.5′ Sandbar which gave us some false hope for the rest of the evening, but unfortunately we didn’t turn a click for the rest of the night. I am very grateful for fishermen like them, they were not disappointed as they understand that fishing is fishing and nobody can make promises that the ocean and it’s inhabitants can very easily break. I am also very happy to see John land his first shark. Good job to him! I am very excited to see what the downside of this upcoming moon brings us…
Until next time,
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