Moon Passes – Big Sharks Return!

The moon has passed, the water temps have rebounded, and the big sharks have returned!
Friday night was very slow, resulting in only one giant dogfish for Jon and his group, which was unfortunately our first skunk ever, sorry guys!
Sunday night, things came together when Dan and Brianna came out and landed three sharks. First up, Dan with a small Sandbar, followed by Brianna’s little Sand Tiger. Action was hot for a solid 2 hours, and this is when Dan sank the hook into a beast, blistering runs for about 45 minutes before this fish brought us into a jetty and broke us off – this one will haunt all of us, might have been the best of the season so far. Not two minutes after getting another bait out, Brianna hooked into a nice fish as well! She taped out at 65″ in total length with a 57″ fork length, tagged and released. After this fish, we had a whole mackerel get smoked, but missed the hookup, then the action died and we called it a night. This is just what we needed after these past few weeks!
IMG_0331 IMG_0335 IMG_0345 IMG_0358 IMG_0359 IMG_0361 IMG_02932

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