Lots of Sandbars & Lost Monster

The moral of this story is to never forget your captains hat.
This weekend, we had Joe out for some quality shark fishing. Over the course of two nights, he was able to land right around 15 Sandbar sharks. Most of them were in the 3-4′ range, but up to 5′. The first night, we connected with a monster. For an hour and a half, Joe was on the rod, and never gained an inch. Down to a quarter spool, we had two options…. Stay where we were and get spooled, or tighten just a little more and hope he turned around before breaking off……. So we lock down, and this makes him angry, he takes off like we aren’t even there and that was the end. On the biggest shark of the trip, the camera breaks, which really shouldn’t be surprising.. The camera would never break on a small one. This is what it’s all about, you don’t always win, and not knowing what you lost gives you the motivation to keep going… If they’re swimming, they’re growing, day by day that fish of a lifetime becomes even stronger and larger. Will you be ready when you cross it’s path?Apologies for the lack of pictures, but there is plenty of summer left, and I have no doubts that Joe will get round two with his monster.   We will be collaborating on a special project that should be in effect by late summer, and all of next year. Stay tuned for that. Until next time…
joe1 joe2 joe3

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