Nonstop Shark Action – Broken Rod, Broken Reel, TAGGED Shark, Big Sand Tiger…

All I can say is that if you want to catch a shark, NOW is the time! In the past two nights alone we’ve landed 29 sharks. The baits are lucky to soak for 10 minutes. If we fish more than one rod, we are doubled up at least a few times per night. Fish are generally ranging from 4 to 5 feet in length, but fish up to 8′ were caught this week! One shark in particular was tagged with a NMSF cooperative shark tag. The tag looked quite old and originated all the way down in Panama City, FL. My hopes are high that it was tagged in southern waters, but time will tell. Be sure to check back often or follow us on Facebook to stay updated on the details of the tag and all other Apex Anglers related news.

Absolutely insane fishing right now, so be sure and check out the schedule and come on down to the Jersey shore after hours where all the gear is provided and all you have to do is show up and catch some sharks!

Remember, this is a CATCH AND RELEASE fishery. All sharks are handled with extreme care, we have time to either photograph them or tag them, but not both. Our number one goal is the safety of the sharks. We are very experienced, have the appropriate gear, and are extremely comfortable swimming with these fish, when necessary, to ensure their safe return to the ocean.

In other news, among the chaos this week, we had a broken rod, a broken reel, a foul hooked shark and a shark bite! See photos below (click to enlarge). A big thanks to Jack Skinner & family, Colin and Kyle Scott for jumping in to help, Dan D’Alessio for making the drive for our fun trip, and to everyone who came out to fish with us this week!

See you on the sand,


When they bite back. Photo by Jack Skinner.
Foul hooked sharks feel double the size when fighting due to the excessive drag they create when moving through the water in awkward positions. Photo by Jack Skinner.



Great shot of a Sandbar shark courtesy of Jack Skinner.
The Mojo finally met it’s match…. Excessive sand in the ferrule compromised the blank making for a truly EXPLOSIVE hookset! Photo by Jack Skinner.
But we made it work… Kyle Scott came to the rescue to hold the rod in it’s (former) place. Fish was landed. Photo by Jack Skinner.


Joe Battipaglia losing his footing in the surf while releasing a shark.
Brothers Joe and Paul Battipaglia and a nice Sandbar shark.
Joe and a beautiful dusk Sandbar.
Paul with a nice Sandbar.




Paul Battipaglia and Colin Scott with one of many doubles this week.
Paul bent up late in the night.
AJ Rotondella and Dan D’Alessio doubled up during a “for fun” trip.
AJ Rotondella with a 6.5-7′ Sand Tiger. Tag was removed from this fish and IMMEDIATELY released to ensure survival. Picture for size reference, no time to measure.
AJ Rotondella swimming with an 8′ male Sand Tiger.
Dan D’Alessio only had one chance at a picture for the night as both of his rods would go off at the same time every time he put them out.


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