Water Temps Up, Shark Action Improves

Haven’t had much time for an update lately, but here are some photos of what’s been going on this week. The water temps have finally reached their usual summertime peak, and as expected, the shark action has improved greatly. The sharks are generally a bit smaller, but they are great fighters. Some nights you can’t even keep a bait in the water long enough for a bigger fish to find the bait, but with that being said, you never know what will swim by. We’ve been seeing some good stingray action as well. Looking forward to seeing what this week brings!


PeterBentup11 PeterSandbar1 PeterSandbar22 JoeSandbar1 JoeSb1 MarcusCownose1 Roughtail1 Roughtailstingray1 DaveSandbar1 DaveWallySandbar1 doublesandbars1 Wally Sandbar1

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