Two 8’+ Sand Tigers in one night!

It seems like we couldn’t miss this weekend! Friday night was a solo mission which resulted in consistent action all night. 5 for 8 on Sandbars to 6′. Saturday night we had Chris, Angela, and Zach with the objective to catch some bigger sharks… And catch some bigger sharks we did! Within 10 minutes of them arriving, Angela was hooked up! The fish was heavy and slow moving, though the head shakes were violent, it was surely a Sand Tiger.. A big one. It was not long before we saw the double dorsals of an 8’3 male Sand Tiger! A few photos and he was back on his way. Chris and Zach followed her up with some smaller, but more active Sandbar sharks to about 4.5′. I must say that everyone in the group was great on the rod and the way they fought the fish, good job guys! Next, Angela’s turn, and she is on a fish that took our biggest bait… Right away we could tell that it was yet ANOTHER big fish. She gets it on the beach, and we have an estimated 8′ female Sand Tiger! We rounded out the trip with a bunch of Sandbars. Between everyone we had 8 sharks, 6 Sandbars and 2 Sand Tigers. What a great weekend! shark shark2 ss IMG_0487 IMG_0488 IMG_0489 IMG_0491 IMG_0503  IMG_0522 IMG_0549 IMG_0587AJ Rotondella - Sandbar Shark

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