June 26th 2015, Big Sandbars!

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Had a fun trip last night! First thing right off the bat, a whole Bonita was dropped on the 80.. Lasted about 10 minutes before something found it and it was game on… This fish was taking some line and was very heavy, but eventually spit the hook. Dropped what was left of it again, and not 2 minutes later… Same thing. No good. Switched over to some casted baits when Tyler Contento and Matteo Delmonico arrived. The surf got a little big for our liking, but it didn’t matter much, as once the tide switched, we found some hungry sharks. Between us we had 3 very nice Sandbars and a few smaller Sand Tigers to 5’5. The highlight of the trip came early this morning, when Tyler fought a shark for an hour and a half. After an exhausting fight, we realized not only was she huge, at 7′ and with a 43″ girth(!!!), but she was slightly foul hooked on the underside of her jaw, which explains the lengthy fight. But no worries, as she swam away just fine, as did all of the others. Great night all around. The 2015 season is off to an amazing start so far!

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