The 2015 Season Begins…

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P1010605 colin sand tiger
WOW!! Last night, the conditions were difficult, but we stuck with it.. We had the wind right in our faces and rough surf, but it paid off in a big way! Right away, we had two small Sand Tigers, which offered us hope for nightfall… The tide was right and so were we, as the line started peeling off the reel at a somewhat tamed pace.. But once the hook was set, the true weight of this fish became apparent. After some time of huge head shakes, and a slow cruise up and down the beach in the lightning filled sky, we finally caught a glimpse of one of the fattest Sand Tigers we’ve seen yet. She was caught on spinning tackle and fell for a chunk of fresh Jack Crevalle, which was casted no more than 30 yards from the sand. Tagged and released.
In case you were wondering… The sharks have arrived!!

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