July 22, 2016

Haven’t had much time for an update lately, but here are some photos of what’s been going on this week. The water temps have finally reached their usual summertime peak, and as expected, the shark action has improved greatly. The sharks are generally a bit smaller, but they are great fighters. Some nights you can’t even keep a bait in the water long enough for a bigger fish to find

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Water Temps Up, Shark Action Improves

July 13, 2016

Well this week we broke out the Super Rods, and wouldn’t you know it, it paid off! We headed down to a secluded shoreline off of Route 12, thanks to a tip from experienced trainer, Jeremy, who had seen fishermen catching all kinds of water types there. Upon our arrival, we tossed out a lure, but it wasn’t very effective, only attracting weak dogfish. Luckily, these were easy to catch,

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

July 8, 2016

“Wow, it’s been quiet here on the website lately.” – Someone, probably. Whether that is the truth or not will be left up for debate… But, fear not!  I have just been very busy with the sharks, and the shark related tasks at hand. Too busy to sleep, or to function for that matter. Anyway, here is the latest in Apex Anglers land: Our toothy friends are still here, and they

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A Wild Sand Tiger Shark Appears!

June 30, 2016

Another long week has passed.. “The bite is on.” “The bite is off.” It all depends on who you ask. If you ask us, we’ll tell you it certainly hasn’t been easy to figure out. It is that strange time of year now, a transitioning from spring to summer. A transitioning from good to great, and with any luck, from great to epic. A full two days had passed, and

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How To Do Shark Week

June 27, 2016

Had to really work for the bite all weekend this time around, but we managed to put together a decent catch between all who came out. The first night, Doc and his wife were able to land two smaller Sandbar sharks, dropped what seemed like a nice Sand Tiger and a few other fish. Nearby, Dan and Nick managed a nice Sand Tiger and a Butterfly Ray. Saturday, Dan, Mitch

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New Leaderboard Shark – 81″ Sandbar

June 23, 2016

Met up with the night crew, which consisted this time  of Jude, Chris, Andrew, and Thomas and had yet another productive trip on the big Sand Tigers, a few Sandbars, a Bat Ray and a couple mystery fish that were broken off after long tiring battles. I am far too tired to put up a full report so the photos must speak for themselves, this time. Remember, land based shark

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Big Sand Tigers For All