A Wild Sand Tiger Shark Appears!

“Wow, it’s been quiet here on the website lately.”
– Someone, probably.

Whether that is the truth or not will be left up for debate… But, fear not!  I have just been very busy with the sharks, and the shark related tasks at hand. Too busy to sleep, or to function for that matter.

Anyway, here is the latest in Apex Anglers land:

Our toothy friends are still here, and they are still hungry. The bite remains consistently inconsistent in the respect that we have been catching each night, but with no true pattern forming… Yet. Expect that to change soon. Sand Tigers have been big and energetic, making for very nice releases. Sandbar action has shown signs of improvement over the past few nights, and with a little more time, I suspect there will be plenty more of them. Though they have been on the smaller side, this makes them perfect qualifiers for a shiny new tag. Huge Butterfly rays have made their presence known this week, and they are giving those who hook them an intense fight, as these are one species of rays that will battle til the very end.

Biggest shark of the week goes to Jesse Ferreira with his birthday Sand Tiger, taping out to 98″!

As summer draws on, this fishery will continue to thrive. The thrill of it all is that you never know what is lurking in the depths, or in this case, the shallows. The fish of a lifetime is only one bite away…

Until next time,

Butterfly butterflymcfadden1 SB1 ST 1 JaimeBentUp1 Jesse ST 1 jessehookedup1 TaggedSB1

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