New Leaderboard Shark – 81″ Sandbar

Had to really work for the bite all weekend this time around, but we managed to put together a decent catch between all who came out.
The first night, Doc and his wife were able to land two smaller Sandbar sharks, dropped what seemed like a nice Sand Tiger and a few other fish. Nearby, Dan and Nick managed a nice Sand Tiger and a Butterfly Ray.
Saturday, Dan, Mitch and I put in some overtime with minimal results, one Butterfly Ray, and two Sandbars.
Sunday, Jaymes and Dave braved the graveyard shift, we had a few missed runs, and were able to land two Sandbars.

One of those Sandbars just happened to be our new season leader measuring in at 81″ caught by Jaymes Miller!
Great job to everyone!

There are some nice fish around, it’s just a matter of putting in time. The water temp is starting to feel nice, so expect action to get even better.

See you all on the sand,

AJ Butterfly Ray 1 Doc + Wife Sandbar Shark1 Doc Bent Up 1 Jaymes Bent Up 1 Jaymes Sandbar Shark 1 Mitch Sandbar 1

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