Tagged Shark Info & Photos From 8/26

This summer we landed two previously tagged sharks, they were caught almost exactly a month apart! Below the tag information are some photos of a great trip back in August!

First shark:


MALE SAND TIGER SHARK 14117843_10207619725794612_2832266814953003839_n
Initial capture (NJ): Aug 2nd, 2013
Initial size: 5′
Recapture (NJ): July 26th, 2016
Current size: 6’5
Distance from tag site: 15nm
Time at Liberty: 1089 days

Tagged by: NOAA

Recaptured by: AJ Rotondella





taggedsandbar1FEMALE SANDBAR SHARK14225454_10207672444952558_7774400268291178052_n

Female Sandbar shark
Initial capture (VA): Oct 22nd, 2011
Initial size: 26″
Recapture (NJ): Aug 27th, 2016
Current size: 52″
Distance from tag site: 145nm
Time at liberty: 1771 days

                                                                                  Tagged by: VIMS

                                                                                    Recaptured by: (Doc) Irwin Ruderman


On Aug 27th, 2016 Doc, and his wife Cindy came out for their second night of shark fishing, but joining them this time was their daughter, Emily. The action remained consistent all night as they were all put to work on five Sandbars and one Bullnose ray. Doc had brought along 3 shark tags, and was able to reach his goal by using them all. At one point all was quiet, when suddenly ALL of the reels start screaming at once! Lots of fun with the Rudermans, and I can’t wait to fish with them again next season!

docsandbar1bullnose1 sandbar1maddmantisbentup



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