2016: How Many Sharks? End of Season Review

As we depart and recover from yet another incredible season, here is a look at all the finer details on all of our catches from the 2016 New Jersey  summer shark season.

Sandbar shark:

billybigsandbar1Jaymes Sandbar Shark 1SandbarMcFadden11dansandbar1Largest: Approx 7’2 by Billy Kapp

Total caught: 185

Previously tagged: 1

Sand Tiger shark:

AJ Rotondella - Sand Tiger1Andrew Sand TigerJesse ST 1ST 1Largest: Between 9 and 10′

Total caught: 17

Previously tagged: 1

Dusky shark:

DonDusky1Largest: Approx 4′ by Don Silvernail

Total Caught: 1

Previously tagged: 0



In summary, the 2016 summer season consisted of forty (40) days and/or nights on the beaches of New Jersey. The first trip took place on June 17th, and the last was September 12th. During that time frame, we caught and released one hundred and eighty-five (185) Sandbar sharks, making up ninety-one percent (91%) of our catch. Seventeen (17) Sand tiger sharks made up just under nine percent (8.39%), while one (1) Dusky shark filled the remainder with much less than one percent (.0004%). This averages to five (5.075) sharks per night. One (1) Sand Tiger shark had been previously tagged, which we recaptured in the same body of water three (3) years later. One Sandbar shark had been previously tagged, which we recaptured approximately one hundred and forty-five (145) nautical miles from it’s original tag site nearly five (5) years later. Previously tagged sharks accounted for less than one percent (.009%) of our total catch. Seventeen (17) sharks were equal to or greater than seven feet (7′) in total length, with thirteen sharks being equal to or greater than eight feet (8′) in total length. Additionally, twenty-one (21) Stingrays were also caught and released. Four (4) Roughtail rays (19%) , seven (7) Butterfly rays (33%) , seven (7) Bullnose rays (33%), one (1) Southern ray (4%), and two (2) Cownose rays (9%). Out of two hundred and twenty-four (224) fish caught, four (4) resulted in “gut hook” hook placement, which were all quickly removed with minimal damage. Two (2) were caught up badly in commercial netting, which they were cut free of upon capture. All two hundred and twenty-four (224) fish were successfully released, with zero (0) apparent casualties.

Butterflydadbullnose1Roughtail1 MarcusCownose1

All statistical data aside, I would consider this year a huge success! Fishing just keeps getting better and better each and every season and I already cannot wait to see you all again next year. Finally, I’d like to personally thank every person who has ever contributed to what Apex Anglers is and what it will become in the future. Whether it be clients, family, friends, or sponsors, this would not be possible without your support.
I wish you all the best, and hope to see you again when I migrate northwards with my toothy friends.
Until then, tight lines and screaming drags…
– AJ Rotondella

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