Big Sharks With Big Appetites!

What a night!

Joe, his son Joey, and his friend Jack came out in search of some bigger sharks… Joey and Jack, being 15 years old and absolutely devoted to honing their craft, had a spirit that resonated with me right away. These kids were all about what they were doing, and didn’t lose interest or doubt their abilities for a second.

We set up at the first spot to try and collect some extra fresh bait, and soak a few shark baits as well. Any sharks caught here would be a bonus. Joey and Jack worked relentlessly for 2-3 hours, while Joe and myself got to catch up. They got us 6 dogfish between them, and the shark rods went off twice, but no hookup.

Soon afterwards, we packed up and headed to our last destination of the night. Confidence was high all around, and for good reason. 45 minutes after our arrival and we are on!

Joey is up first and starts it off with an 89″ Sand Tiger!

Not 10 minutes later, Jack is on with a 103″ Sand Tiger!

Finally, Joe gets his turn, and like father like son, his shark is also 89″.

Nearby, our neighbor Andrew also managed one over 100″!

The fish were fired up, taking very nice runs, and extremely energetic during the releases.  Every shark (minus Andrew’s) caught was not only everyone’s first Sand Tiger, but also personal bests, back to back to back, in a row!

Joey and Jack’s first shark fishing experience was a success to say the least. They were nothing short of incredible on the rod, as they needed no assistance whatsoever. They instinctively knew when to let the fish run as well as exactly when to gain. They knew not to give any slack, and they even knew exactly how to handle them for the photos. I was beyond impressed – Congrats guys!

Thursday and Friday of this coming week are both available, and are prime dates if you are interested in getting into some of this action!

See you on the sand,


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