Acoustic Tagging Sharks with Monmouth U. & Barstool Outdoors

It seems that every week gets better and better! This past week was full of some very cool stuff.

Over the past few weeks, I had been talking with Keith over at Monmouth University about tagging sharks. I’ve tagged them plenty before, but never with electronic tags, which is what he had in mind.

On a completely unrelated note, Ben of Barstool Outdoors had wanted to film a shark-filled episode.

Well, the stars aligned, and I attempted to kill two birds with one … text. So I invited them both to come on the same night.

The good news is that all parties agreed to come, the great news is that the sharks were extremely hungry and we hooked 11 of them. The bad news is that since we were focused on tagging fish quickly, there were not many photos taken. We landed only 4 of the 11, but tagged all of them.


Keith and his team came equipped with several acoustic tags, as well as one PSAT tag, which was reserved in event we caught something especially rare.

           Acoustic & PSAT Tags Side by Side

The night started out like any other night, with Chef Dan calling them in.

Teamwork allowed us to tag this 101″ Sand Tiger quickly and safely.

When we got to fishing, bites were quick, usually within 5-10 minutes of the bait hitting the water. Many fish were dropped, and a few broke off. Regardless, there were a TON of sharks swimming around out there.

Ben Friedman of Barstool Sports with a nice Sand Tiger.

Everyone was on a schedule, and most of us had landed a shark, but now it was Ben’s turn!

He had brought a whole mackerel with him, so we threw it in the kayak, and off into the depths it went. Not 10 minutes later, he was on a nice fish.




It was becoming very late… Or early… So we packed it in after tagging that fish.

It was amazing to meet everyone and tag these beautiful sharks. A great time was had by all and everyone did a great job!

There will be more of this in the future, but for now, I leave you with a teaser of that night:


Until next time,


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