84″ Sandbar & More!

One word sums up this weekend: REDEMPTION.
Dan returned Friday and Saturday to reclaim what had escaped him… He and his fiancee, Brianna, started the weekend with some good action on some nicer Sandbars to about 5.5′. Sharks were hitting at blistering speeds and fighting extra hard so it really made for a fun time! Saturday night, Dan came out on a solo mission for his last hope of the summer at redeeming himself for losing a monster a few weeks back…… We put out the baits, nothing… We put out more baits… Nothing… A few random slow runs, but no hook up. It was the opposite of the night before – We kayaked out a big bait about 400yds out on the Tiagra 80… while the big bait sat, we worked hard to make something happen to no avail.. Then seemingly out of nowhere, the Tiagra starts screaming!! The hook is set and we are on a nice fish… It was taking drag well above strike, and several strong runs throughout the fight, which was impressive! When we finally got it to the beach, we had an 84″ Sandbar, tagged and released absolutely full of energy! Dan had his redemption and was content with calling it right then and there, but then a casted bait gets a solid run, he sprints over, sets the hook and rounds out the trip with another 5′ as icing on the cake! Congrats to Dan on his beast!

Only a few more weeks left of this incredible shark fishing season. It has been epic and I hate to see it go… But it’s not over yet!

Until next time,
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