24 hrs of epic fishing!

24 hours of epic fishing!!! It all started with Jude and I going on a mission for a certain southern fish… Instead we found crazy action on Gag Grouper… And man, those little guys are aggressive!! The snappers were ravenous and destroying our zooms, resulting in just one missed fish and a Butterfly Ray. After sunset, it was time to go give the sharks a visit, where we met up with recent Apex Anglers graduate, Dan, and his friend Mike. Well, his training paid off, as they hooked a beautiful 8-8.5′ Sand Tiger which Jude and myself had the pleasure of jumping into the water with to assist with landing. This fish had so much energy, and after a few pics she was eager to swim right back home with no issues! The continued on and the action was hot! Nonstop with even a few doubles, and a Sandbar with a Remora to top it all off.

This is us refusing to let this incredible season die!!
Is this it? We’re not sure…
Until (maybe) next time,


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