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84″ Sandbar & More!

HARD HITTING SHARKS – 84″ SANDBAR! One word sums up this weekend: REDEMPTION. Dan returned Friday and Saturday to reclaim what had escaped him… He and his fiancee, Brianna, started the weekend with some good action on some nicer Sandbars to about 5.5′. Sharks were hitting at […]

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Massive Sand Tiger, Giant Roughtail Stingrays, lots of Sandbars!

Another great weekend!!! Friday night we had Dave back for his second Apex Anglers experience, but this time he shared this quality time with his 3 teenagers, David, Luke and Taylor. It seems they were all having a blast as they picked through the small Sandbar sharks. […]

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Two 8’+ Sand Tigers in one night!

It seems like we couldn’t miss this weekend! Friday night was a solo mission which resulted in consistent action all night. 5 for 8 on Sandbars to 6′. Saturday night we had Chris, Angela, and Zach with the objective to catch some bigger sharks… And catch some […]

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Moon Passes – Big Sharks Return!

The moon has passed, the water temps have rebounded, and the big sharks have returned! Friday night was very slow, resulting in only one giant dogfish for Jon and his group, which was unfortunately our first skunk ever, sorry guys! Sunday night, things came together when Dan […]

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